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YAHOO GROUP 'Fabactor' for

FAB has a Yahoo Group called 'Fabactor'. To be able to access industry castings, audition calls, theatre notices, and general information, you will need to sign into Yahoo, search for and log onto the group "Fabactor".  

You must have a Yahoo email account. It's free! You don't even need to have broadband internet, although it might be helpful if you plan on sending out emails with heavy attachments. Fabactor will forward the notices posted to your email address! A Yahoo account gives you plenty of space so you don't need to worry about filling up your Inbox too quickly.

The notices that FAB receives will be posted there for you to view at your convenience, without having to clog up your email.
(Tip: Select the 'Daily Digest' to receive the emails into your personal email account. It saves on cluttering up your mailbox and you won't have to go to the group to view the messages.) You may also post industry notices and information yourself. No commercial content, please. 

Once you sign into your email account, click on 'groups' (now on left side of screen), and type in 'fabactor' to find the group. A brief description will appear and you can click on the name to go into the group. You cannot get into the group without signing into Yahoo. Until you get your email account and select the group, all you will see is a brief description/summary of the group.

Click to go get your free email account and start viewing 'fabactor' notices:

Click here to join Fabactor   Click to join Fabactor

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